Coco Pink, Yexes-Dine

Yexes-Dine has never been with a model before, so lucky Coco Pink gets to be her first cunt that she tastes. Yexes couldn’t be more excited to eat her first twat. She jumps right in and starts flicking her new girlfriend’s big bootie with oil before Coco takes over and starts touching Yexes-Dine’s cooter with her tit. They’re both soaking dripping, but Coco teases her partner and doesn’t put her dildo inside her fuckhole until much later. They start licking and tonguing each others’ cooters until finally these two womans erupt with pleasure and leave their ejaculate all over their toys.

Chocolate Sistas

Kora, Will Ravage

Heavily pregnant brunette Kora is having a painful day of pregnancy, so she fixes herself a glass of water and then goes outside to lie in the jacuzzi. Her next door neighbor, older, gray haired man Will Ravage, watches curiously as she disrobes and lowers her delicious, curvaceous body down into the pool. He surprises her by jumping over the fence and presenting her with his stiff tool; whilst some girls would consider this to be freakish stalker behavior, it merely arouses this hormonally crazed pregnant woman and she immediately starts to suck! Will also gets a taste of her pregnant pussy before he sticks his rod inside it.

Pregnant Sistas